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04 Dez What I eat in a day|Healthy eating

I have been getting a lot of questions about my diet lately – eating habits, daily calorie intake, low carb, clean eating or IIFYM – so I decided to do a post on that topic.


First of all, I don’t follow a particular path or any other strict regimen when it comes to eating. I use vegan milk instead of dairy, but I’m not a vegan. I try to reduce processed foods, but I’m not paleo. I never count my calories and I’m not scared by carbs or fat. I don’t think a calorie is a calorie, so it does make a difference whether you chew on a handful of nuts or eat a toast. I read the list of ingredients before I buy stuff (this seems pretty straightforward, but a lot of people don’t do it) and I eat organic. When I feel like eating something, I usually do it. When I want to eat, because I’m bored or need a motivational snack to help me study, I try and eat healthy stuff.
Overall, I try to apply a pretty simple rule: roughly 80% of what I eat is real, healthy food and 20% can be crap (more or less at least, but I’ll talk about that later). This isn’t exactly rocket science, but it does help me to make wholesome choices most of the time, while maintaining a balanced and healthy relationship with food.
Here is what I typically eat in a day ( I chose today as an example):
Breakfast may vary, depending on the time I have to get up. If I have to be at uni at 8:30 I usually just grab a piece of fruit and eat proper breakfast a bit later. When I don’t have to hurry, I eat my regular breakfast right away. Today I had quinoa and spelt chocolate cereal with unsweetened almond milk. I usually top it up a bit with chia seeds, cocoa nibs or something like that.
For lunch I had green salad with chickpeas and crumbled feta-cheese, oven-roasted pumpkin and quinoa burger.
Dinner will be mixed raw veggies (broccoli, bell pepper and carrot)and pasta.
My favourite snack at the moment are tangerines or a banana with hazelnut butter. Today I had both, plus a protein shake and a bagel with cream cheese.
About 40gr of dark chocolate (85% cocoa), two cappuccini and two pieces of milk chocolate. Chocolate covered coconut bites (similar to Bounty but way better). I definitely see a pattern here #chocolate
I think today was a pretty healthy day. I don’t usually do the cheat-day thing, because I kinda need at least a little treat everyday. But of course on occasion I’ll have junk food throughout the day and as long as its an exception to the rule, that’s okay.
Here are some other things that I think might be helpful to achieve a more healthy diet:
1. I always drink water. I struggle to drink enough of it, because I tend to forget, but I never drink soft-drinks (this includes coke-light or zero or anything of the kind), juices or any other sweetened beverage. I like coffee, but I don’t own a coffee-machine, so I don’t have it on an everyday-basis and if I drink juice, it’s freshly-squeezed and includes at least some veggies as well. Other than that it’s just plain water and unsweetened tea.
2. I never eat the really nasty stuff. I’d rather go hungry than to eat at McDonalds, Burger King, KFC & Co. Most of all for ethical reasons, but also because I find it disgusting, grossly over-priced (considering the nutritional value) and because I think that our day-to-day choices shape the world we live in, so I won’t be funneling any money to Big Food/Big Ag.
So if I want to have a burger I go somewhere where they use high-quality ingredients (Brooklyn Burger Bar is my favourite here in Hamburg) – not only does it taste a lot better, but it won’t wreak havoc on my body either. Same goes for any sweets – the regular stuff from the supermarket has so much sugar that I can’t taste much else, so I opt for something a bit more clean.
3. I buy organic. It’s more expensive than regular produce and especially any animal product will cost a lot more, but this is really important to me,  from an ethical perspective as well as for nutritional reasons. I don’t think anyone is entitled to eat meat galore three times a day (or any meat for that matter)  and with me it’s definitely quality over quantity. I almost never have to throw food away (which I hate doing), because I think about what to buy and how to use it in advance.
4. If I have to travel somewhere and there won’t be any healthy options available, I try and prep my meals in advance or at least pack a healthy snack that will get me through the day. This is a good way to make sure you’re not ending up at a fast-food joint, because you’re starving and can’t make sound decisions anymore.
So, no big secrets or anything. Just try and listen to your body, eat good, wholesome and nutritious foods, drink plenty of water and you should be fine. xoxo
  • Anastasia Gias
    Posted at 19:28h, 04 Dezember Antworten

    Great job on your body!

    • FABIA
      Posted at 11:00h, 05 Dezember Antworten

      Thanks so much! Hope you’re doing great :-*

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