FABIA | How to get great skin| My skin care secrets
Everybody wants to have radiant, healthy-looking skin, but getting it isn't always easy. Today I'm sharing my favorite skin care products and some Do's and Dont's for flawless skin.
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25 Jan How to get great skin| My skin care secrets

Skin care isn’t easy, that at least can be said with some certainty. I’m pretty sure a lot of women would be willing to sell their soul to attain flawless, healthy-looking skin – but unfortunately it’s not that simple, so the skin care industry is stepping up their game by endlessly creating new products. And in this jungle of countless creams, serums, boosters and exfoliants there has to be this one product, that is just right and will finally be able to solve all our problems. So the research begins, and after reading up on everything that is to know one could probably start a career in chemistry….only that skin still looks kinda bad.

Or it might be even more ironic: I was always lucky with my skin and never really had to do anything. Being a model, having good skin is essential and maintaining a clear complexion between early call-times and catching flights can be tough. And being constantly bombarded with the overwhelming amount of different products, advertisements and other people’s excessive skin care routines didn’t help, so I began to think: „Maybe I should be doing more“ and thus began to throw money at a (non-existent) problem. And of course that felt good. Because in our society buying things is the equivalent of taking care of something or ourselves. Can’t manage to eat enough veggies? Not disciplined enough to make sure you’ll get enough sleep? No time to workout? Just buy some fancy looking supplements or this really expensive moisturizer and you’ll be good.

So it took me some time to realize that keeping things simple works best for me. And for our skin, the body’s largest and fastest growing organ, it’s much more important what we put into our bodies than what we might be putting on it. And of course there are vast differences in skin-types, influenced by genetics, hormones and other factors beyond our sphere of control. But nonetheless: To ace  certain basics will come a long way. Listed below are some tips as well as a few products that have been working great for me, so today I’ll be sharing them with you guys:

1. Drink tons of water

This one is so obvious and no one wants to hear about it anymore – I feel almost bad mentioning it, but it’s really really important. Get yourself an app that reminds you to drink enough, make your water less plain by adding some berries, whatever you do, just make sure you stay hydrated.

2. Eat your (dark) leafy greens

This is where I’m slacking quite often, but that doesn’t make it less true. Spinach, kale, swiss chard – these are all packed with vitamins, iron, micronutrients (read: things that your skin needs to look amazing) – blend them, juice them, whatever you do, just eat that stuff.

3. Dry brushing 

This is my morning ritual. I’m sure there is a whole branch of science built around it, but it’s pretty straight-forward. Take a brush and brush your skin. It will not only wake you up good, but it will also:

  • exfoliate your skin
  • increase blood-circulation
  • stimulate the lymphatic-system and helping your body to detox
  • make your skin really smooth and soft
  • prevent or reduce cellulite
  • relieve stress

I have been doing this for quite some time and it’s so good. Make sure your brush isn’t too soft and don’t be scared that you will damage your skin ( this does not necessarily apply to skin conditions such as eczemas or neurodermatitis – I have no personal experience with these, so you might wanna double-check).

4. Cleanse & keep it cool

Always make sure to remove any make-up and to clean your skin before going to bed. Use lukewarm water – hot water might irritate your skin and cause a bunch of problems (the same goes for taking a shower. I love a long hot shower but for the sake of my skin I try to keep a moderate temperature).

I use white kaolin powder for cleansing. It’s vegan and cruelty-free, which is a must for me. It is a bit messy, but so mild and soothing.

5. Leave your skin alone

Some occasions just call for a full face of make-up, but I try to leave my skin alone as much as possible. When I want to do something, I use a bit of concealer to cover up under-eye circles but I skip foundation, primers and all of that. I use the same approach when it comes to skin care products. It may sound a bit extreme, but I never use body lotion, because my skin is perfectly fine without it. My facial skin tends to be a bit dry from time to time, so every couple of days I use a bit of moisturizer and that’s it. My moisturizer is from Paula’s Choice and contains coconut oil and shea butter.

6. Make sure you get enough sleep

Sleeping enough is key – it’s called „beauty sleep“ for a reason. Try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night. Just give your body the chance to take care of itself instead of spending hours to exfoliate and prime.

7. Work out

Regular exercise definitely helps the skin to look better. Getting your heart-rate going and working up a sweat will work wonders for your skin.

8. Stay away from dairy

This might not apply to everyone, but for me dairy is an absolute devil when it comes to complexion and even though I love myself a pint of Ben&Jerry’s every once in while, cutting milk, cheese and cream out of my diet works wonders. So if you have very persistent problems with your skin, staying away from dairy for a few months might be worth a shot. Not to mention that dairy cows would certainly appreciate it.

9. Keep your fingers away from your face

Pretty much self-explanatory. Wash your hands or disinfect them, before you touch your face. Punch others when they touch your face..jk.

And that’s pretty much it. On the picture below you can see my skin care favorites and I’ll link them in case you want to give them a try. xoxo


Logona White Kaolin powder – buy it here

Avene Thermal Water – buy it here

Paula’s Choice Clinical Ultra Rich Moisturizer – buy it here

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