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9. Januar 2017

09 Jan My Top 20 |Favorite workout tracks


If you’re anything like me, music is an absolute workout essential. It’s a great way to motivate yourself before and during the workout and can really help to push some boundaries. If possible, I try to listen to my own music instead of the music playing in the gym (because unfortunately there are so many people with bad different taste in music) It just helps me to zone out and to focus only on the task at hand – after all, there is nothing like a good track to help to get you through those final reps or  finish out the last meters of your run, so I wanted to share some of my favorites with you today.

I don’t stick to any particular genre when it comes to workout music, but generally speaking, savage tracks work best for me. There are some of my favorites below…I usually play them on shuffle, so there is no particular order  and it’s a wild mix of Hip-Hop, electro etc.

If you click on the title, you can get a listen of the song on Youtube (if I could find them on there) and you can get all the tracks on Spotify.

1. Snorkle – Opiuo

2. King Kunta – Kendrick Lamar

3. Black Beatles – Rae Sremmurd feat. Gucci Mane

4. Bird Brain (Valentino Khan Remix) – Bro Safari

5. Bangarang (feat. Sirah) – Skrillex

6. Project Ghost – Must Die!

7. Jungle Bae (feat. Bunji Garlin) – Skrillex and Diplo present Jack Ü

8. Stadium Pow Wow – A Tribe Called Red

9. Gold Digger ft. Jamie Foxx – Kanye West 

10. RA – Slumberjack

11. Divide & Conquer – What So Not

12. F**kin Problems (feat. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar) – A$AP Rocky

13. Thursty – Bassnectar

14. Boss Mode – Knife Party

15. I Do Coke – Kill The Noise & Feed Me

16. ‚Till I Collapse – Eminem 

17. Epic (Original Mix) – Sandro Silva & Quintino

18. Someone Else (Spenda C Remix) – Antiheros

19. Collared Greens (feat. Kendrick Lamar) – SchoolBoy Q

20. Say My Name (feat. Zyra) – ODESZA


Unfortunately, I cannot do anything in moderation, so if I really like a track, I’ll blast that shit on repeat until it’s almost ruined. Which means I’m always looking for new music, so if you like, leave me your favorite track in the comments or drop me a message!

I’ll turn on something a little bit more relaxed now and get to work. I need to study (as always) and I’m planning a little event with two friends of mine for next month – so if you live in Hamburg, save the date (10th of February)! xoxo


4. Dezember 2016

04 Dez What I eat in a day|Healthy eating

I have been getting a lot of questions about my diet lately – eating habits, daily calorie intake, low carb, clean eating or IIFYM – so I decided to do a post on that topic.


First of all, I don’t follow a particular path or any other strict regimen when it comes to eating. I use vegan milk instead of dairy, but I’m not a vegan. I try to reduce processed foods, but I’m not paleo. I never count my calories and I’m not scared by carbs or fat. I don’t think a calorie is a calorie, so it does make a difference whether you chew on a handful of nuts or eat a toast. I read the list of ingredients before I buy stuff (this seems pretty straightforward, but a lot of people don’t do it) and I eat organic. When I feel like eating something, I usually do it. When I want to eat, because I’m bored or need a motivational snack to help me study, I try and eat healthy stuff.
Overall, I try to apply a pretty simple rule: roughly 80% of what I eat is real, healthy food and 20% can be crap (more or less at least, but I’ll talk about that later). This isn’t exactly rocket science, but it does help me to make wholesome choices most of the time, while maintaining a balanced and healthy relationship with food.
Here is what I typically eat in a day ( I chose today as an example):
Breakfast may vary, depending on the time I have to get up. If I have to be at uni at 8:30 I usually just grab a piece of fruit and eat proper breakfast a bit later. When I don’t have to hurry, I eat my regular breakfast right away. Today I had quinoa and spelt chocolate cereal with unsweetened almond milk. I usually top it up a bit with chia seeds, cocoa nibs or something like that.
For lunch I had green salad with chickpeas and crumbled feta-cheese, oven-roasted pumpkin and quinoa burger.
Dinner will be mixed raw veggies (broccoli, bell pepper and carrot)and pasta.
My favourite snack at the moment are tangerines or a banana with hazelnut butter. Today I had both, plus a protein shake and a bagel with cream cheese.
About 40gr of dark chocolate (85% cocoa), two cappuccini and two pieces of milk chocolate. Chocolate covered coconut bites (similar to Bounty but way better). I definitely see a pattern here #chocolate
I think today was a pretty healthy day. I don’t usually do the cheat-day thing, because I kinda need at least a little treat everyday. But of course on occasion I’ll have junk food throughout the day and as long as its an exception to the rule, that’s okay.
Here are some other things that I think might be helpful to achieve a more healthy diet:
1. I always drink water. I struggle to drink enough of it, because I tend to forget, but I never drink soft-drinks (this includes coke-light or zero or anything of the kind), juices or any other sweetened beverage. I like coffee, but I don’t own a coffee-machine, so I don’t have it on an everyday-basis and if I drink juice, it’s freshly-squeezed and includes at least some veggies as well. Other than that it’s just plain water and unsweetened tea.
2. I never eat the really nasty stuff. I’d rather go hungry than to eat at McDonalds, Burger King, KFC & Co. Most of all for ethical reasons, but also because I find it disgusting, grossly over-priced (considering the nutritional value) and because I think that our day-to-day choices shape the world we live in, so I won’t be funneling any money to Big Food/Big Ag.
So if I want to have a burger I go somewhere where they use high-quality ingredients (Brooklyn Burger Bar is my favourite here in Hamburg) – not only does it taste a lot better, but it won’t wreak havoc on my body either. Same goes for any sweets – the regular stuff from the supermarket has so much sugar that I can’t taste much else, so I opt for something a bit more clean.
3. I buy organic. It’s more expensive than regular produce and especially any animal product will cost a lot more, but this is really important to me,  from an ethical perspective as well as for nutritional reasons. I don’t think anyone is entitled to eat meat galore three times a day (or any meat for that matter)  and with me it’s definitely quality over quantity. I almost never have to throw food away (which I hate doing), because I think about what to buy and how to use it in advance.
4. If I have to travel somewhere and there won’t be any healthy options available, I try and prep my meals in advance or at least pack a healthy snack that will get me through the day. This is a good way to make sure you’re not ending up at a fast-food joint, because you’re starving and can’t make sound decisions anymore.
So, no big secrets or anything. Just try and listen to your body, eat good, wholesome and nutritious foods, drink plenty of water and you should be fine. xoxo
28. November 2016

28 Nov Behind the scenes|Zurich







Yay, it’s Monday – again. But the sun is shining, I got to sleep in a little and a beautiful day lies ahead, so what’s not to like? My weekend was pretty busy, I flew to Zurich early on Friday and went directly to the studio for a fitness/sporty -themed shoot. The team was great and I had a lot of fun working that day. Above are some pictures from behind the scenes – normally, I don’t take so many selfies on set, but I loved the styles so much and wanted to get some of the items for myself, so I took a gazillion pictures. A lot of the clothes came from Onzie, which is a really cool brand for cute workout wear. I already checked out their online shop and since I needed new gym clothes anyway I might have gotten a few things.

The next day I had another shoot, that was really fun as well. I couldn’t take any pictures though, but I’m excited for the final results already. I finished quite early and had a lot of time to kill at the airport before going home, but with all the Black-Friday-Sales still ongoing that wasn’t so hard to do. Afterwards I lounged at Starbucks and studied for a while – I had already used up all my free WiFi and eventually my phone died, so I had zero distraction, which is always good when it comes to studying.

Sunday was super chill, I slept in AND took a nap later during the day…the ultimate luxury, I guess. And before going to bed I watched the third episode of Planet Earth II. I love this documentation so much, I’m literally like a 5-year old when watching it…I just can’t get over how beautiful and amazing all these animals are and it’s more exciting than most movies, really.

Hope you guys had a great weekend! xoxo

9. Oktober 2016

09 Okt Adidas Originals|Vacation Workout






Ich muss ehrlich zugeben: Zu Hause fällt es mir irgendwie leichter, regelmäßig Sport zu machen als im Urlaub. Menschen sind halt Gewohnheitstiere und plötzlich gibt es dann gar kein Gym mit Equipment und überhaupt: Ist es nicht viel schöner, stundenlang am Pool zu chillen als Cardio zu machen? Als kleine Erinnerung habe ich trotzdem immer ein oder zwei Sport-Outfits dabei, damit ich mich mit genügend schlechtem Gewissen nach spätestens ein paar Tagen doch motivieren kann. Ich persönlich finde zwar, dass es Besseres gibt, als im tiefen Sand joggen zu gehen, aber man ist doch froh, wenn man ein bisschen was geleistet hat. Morgens früh bevor es zu heiß wird, kann man die frische Luft genießen, der Strand ist völlig menschenleer und das Meeresrauschen ersetzt die Musik, die sonst beim Laufen für mich ein absolutes Muss ist. Das Outfit auf den Bildern ist übrigens von Adidas und bei jdsports erhältlich. Ich mag den Retro-Look der Adidas Originals Linie und mit schwarz-weiß kriegt man mich ja eigentlich sowieso immer. Jetzt steht auch wieder ein kleines Workout auf meiner To-Do-Liste, heute aber leider nicht am Strand, aber dafür mit gutem Blick auf die verregneten Straßen Hamburgs. Genießt euren Sonntag :)

// Keeping up a fitness routine while being on vacation can be a challenge. We are creatures of habits and if you normally work out in a gym, suddenly you don’t have access to the equipment you need. And besides: Isn’t relaxing by the pool just so much better than breaking a sweat while doing cardio? I still try to pack at least 1 or 2 fitness outfits, just as a little reminder to myself. So with enough of a bad conscience I manage to move around a bit after a few days of being lazy. Although I think there are better ways to spend your time than running through deep sand, I’m still glad after I did it. Early in the morning, before it gets to hot, the air is so fresh, the beach is practically deserted and the crushing of the waves replace the music I usually listen to while running. The outfit I’m wearing is from Adidas and you can get it at JD Sports. I really dig the retro-look of the adidas originals items and black or white is a fool-proof way of getting my attention anyways. After finishing this, my workout is due, unfortunately not on a beach though. Enjoy your sunday, everyone.


Outfit Credits: 

Crop Tee: Adidas – hier kaufen

Leggings: Adidas – hier kaufen

13. September 2016

13 Sep Morning yoga| Palm Hotel & Spa









Workout im Urlaub ist ja immer so eine Sache: Oft ist das Equipment im Fitnessraum nicht wirklich das, was man bräuchte und außerdem möchte man natürlich auch viel lieber draußen in der Sonne sein, anstatt drinnen auf dem Laufband zu schwitzen. Meine Lösung für dieses Problem ist Yoga. Gerade morgens ist es einfach perfekt, um richtig wach zu werden und voller Energie in den Tag zu starten. Dabei den Blick über den indischen Ozean zu haben, ist ein absoluter Traum. Um 8 Uhr morgens war es am Pool noch menschenleer, zu hören war nur das Rauschen des Meeres und Vogelgezwitscher.

Damit die Fashion-Blog Komponente im heutigen Post nicht völlig untergeht: Auf den Bildern trage ich ein Outfit von lululemon. Ich bin ein absoluter Fan des Labels, weil die Klamotten so unglaublich durchdacht und detailverliebt sind – und natürlich sehen sie auch einfach toll aus. Mit dem BH und der Hose wird einem auch bei den hiesigen Temperaturen nicht zu warm. Die Hose hat Mesh-Einsätze, die für extra Abkühlung sorgen und der offene Rücken des Free to be Bra ist ebenfalls superangenehm. Das Tragegefühl bei lululemon ist einfach extrem gut und man merkt, dass jede Menge Gedanken im Design stecken – sowohl optisch als auch was die Funktionalität angeht. Wenn ihr einen Store in eurer Nähe habt, schaut unbedingt mal vorbei! Die Auswahl an tollen Teilen ist so groß, dass ich ewig gebraucht habe, um mich zu entscheiden.

Für mich geht es jetzt zur Abkühlung eine Runde in den Pool und danach weiter die Insel erkunden. Ich wünsche euch einen wunderbaren Tag!

// Working out during vacation isn’t always the easiest thing. Fitness rooms are often poorly equipped and besides: who wants to be inside sweating on a treadmill when the sun is shining outside? The solution to the problem is yoga. A nice yoga flow in the morning helps me to wake up and start my day right. With the view over the indian ocean it’s just a dream come true. At 8am the pool area was completely quiet, all I could hear were the waves crushing on the shore and the birds singing in the trees.

But let’s not forget, this is a fashion blog after all. So on the photo I wore an outfit by lululemon athletica. I’m a huge fan of the label, because there is so much passion for detail in their clothes. The pants (isn’t the pattern just amazing?) have breathable mesh inserts to keep your cool and the bra’s strappy back is not just pretty, but makes it super light and comfortable as well. I love how well the clothes fit, just like a second skin and you can’t help but notice how well thought out the designs are – not only in regards to looks, but to functionality as well. With lululemon there is certainly no trade-off between looking cute and being able to perform well. If there’s a store in your area and you love high-quality fitness and yoga clothing, you should definitely go check it out. There were so many cute items, it took me forever to choose, but I ended up loving every item I took home with me.

I’m going to jump in the pool now to cool off a little bit and after that we’ll continue to explore the island some more. Have a great day, you guys!



In freundlicher Kooperation mit lululemon athletica.

11. August 2016

11 Aug Workout Time|Hafencity










Heute gibt es mal kein klassisches Outfit auf dem Blog, sondern zur Abwechslung mal wieder einen sportlichen Look. Es gibt einfach nichts besseres als ein gutes Workout, um den Kopf frei zu kriegen und wieder auf andere Gedanken zu kommen – außerdem ist das Gefühl danach einfach unschlagbar. Ich habe in den letzten Monaten das Yoga für mich entdeckt, weil es nicht nur ein super Ganzkörper-Workout ist, sondern mir auch tatsächlich dabei hilft, mich zu entspannen. Gerade wenn Uni oder Job stressig sind und man viel unter Druck steht, ist es total wichtig, sich auch gewisse Freiräume zu schaffen. Sozusagen ein bisschen quality time, in der man einfach durchatmen und im Moment sein kann. Außerdem gibt mir ein Workout auch einfach jede Menge neue Energie. Dabei spielt das richtige Outfit natürlich auch eine Rolle (geht bei einem Fashion Blog auch irgendwie nicht anders).

Fitnesskleidung soll idealerweise ja nicht nur gut aussehen, sondern auch noch bequem und funktional sein. Superwichtig finde ich dabei den richtigen Sport-BH. Auf den Bildern trage ich ein Modell von Esprit, das ich zunächst nur aufgrund der Optik interessant fand. Ich habe nämlich seit längerem nach einem Sport-BH in nude gesucht und bin dann mehr oder weniger durch Zufall auf diesen hier gestoßen. Aber auch der Sitz und die Passform haben mich überzeugt. Der Low Support ist gerade für Yoga oder mein Standard-Workout im Fitnessstudio perfekt, weil er genügend Halt gibt, ohne unangenehm eng zu sein. Und ich finde die Farbe einfach wunderschön, wobei sie mit etwas mehr Sonnenbräune sicherlich noch besser zur Geltung kommen würde. Aber wenn man in Hamburg wohnt, muss man damit bis zum Urlaub warten 😉

// Today´s blogpost won’t be a classic streetstyle outfit, but a more sporty look instead. There is nothing as good as a nice workout to take your mind off things – and the feeling afterwards just can’t be beat. Over the last few months I’ve been doing a lot of yoga and I love it so much. It’s not only the perfect way to challenge the whole body, but it really does help me to relax as well. With university and job being stressful at times it’s especially important to make time for yourself. Just to breathe and be present in the moment gives me great energy for the day. And of course, the right outfit is important too (doesn’t come as a surprise being on a fashion blog).

Workout clothing is not only supposed to look good, but should be comfy and functional as well. What’s really important to me when it comes to that is the right sports bra. On the pictures I’m wearing one by Esprit, that I bought solely based on looks – but it turned out to fit really well too, so it was definitely a good choice. The low support is just right for Yoga or my workout at the gym, because it’s not uncomfortably tight – for running I’d still choose something with more support, but I hate running anyway, so why bother. Also, I really like the color of this one, although it would probably look even nicer  with a little more tan – but living in Hamburg, I’ll have to wait for my next vacation for that 😉

Sports Bra NudeFitness Shorts

Outfit Credits:

Sport BH: Esprit – hier kaufen

Shorts: Nike – ähnlich hier kaufen

Schuhe: Nike – hier kaufen